A feel good family project

Robin is a swimwear firm that was born from the hand of two brothers from Barcelona, ​​Alejandra and Manuel Meler Pla, with the will to undertake a common path away from their professions as an economist and lawyer.

It arises from an instinct, a need imprinted in your DNA to create an initiative to unleash your most creative side. The young brand seeks to undertake a family project that can be extended to all the people who collaborate under a common premise: quality work surrounded by good vibes and freshness.

We are inspired by the most charming corners and the most secluded coves of the Mediterranean, but also by the lavish Californian pool parties and bonfires by the sea of ​​Bondi Beach.

From the beginning, direct communication with our clients has been one of the elements that has most defined us. Thanks to our activity in the
social networks we have been able to generate a strong emotional bond with them.

Instagram has become an ideal tool to share our ideas and releases with our followers, but also to share opinions, tastes, interests and styles with @robinaddicts.

We share the beginnings with the explosion of this great platform and we are fortunate to have a personal relationship of friendship, beyond the professional one, with some of the influencers with the most national and international projection.

The main fashion headers have trusted our label from the beginning. For this reason, both the project and Robin's products have appeared on the pages of magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamor, Telva, Paulette ...