We are a swimwear and beachwear brand based in Barcelona and inspired by the essence of the Mediterranean fused with Californian style, with the aim of offering quality products, fresh looks and good vibes.

From our beginnings in 2012, each season Robin has created a range of unique bikinis and swimsuits that stand out for their quality and the originality of their colors, textures, patterns and distinctive designs. We create swimwear for women seeking a product with personality, in which they feel comfortable, confident and sure of themselves. Year after year we strive to offer an ever wider range of patterns and designs to help everyone find their ideal bikini.

Each year more and more women choose Robin bikinis as an essential part of their summer wardrobe, buying all throughout the year for their beach getaways. Because it’s always summer somewhere!

Here at Robin we continue working towards becoming a global brand with an international presence, with the aim of creating a whole universe of products imbued with the essence of summer. Our brand philosophy is Summer is an Attitude. Sunglasses, beachwear as well as hats and necklaces form part of our ever-growing range... As of 2022, we also offer menswear including swimming trunks and t-shirts, exuding our signature attitude and good vibes. 

Summer never ends!